SGS Merchandise Available

Finally, we have our merchandise available for order.

Merchandise Sale

SGS Merchandise Available! You asked and it’s finally here. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, notebooks and more! We have samples of most everything at the studio. You will fill out the order form on the merchandise page, we will send you a payment link and then we will order. If you have any questions about sizing, etc. just reach out to us. We are more than happy to answer any questions!

Check it all out here!

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New Studio Location, Summer Schedule, & Moving Sale

We’re Moving… Again!!

New Studio


We are happy to announce that we are relocating the studio! The new spot is only a half mile from the current space, so it shouldn’t really affect your travel time. Our new space has taller ceilings and more square footage which means we can offer more classes and training times! We’re so excited for you all to see the new and improved studio! The new building is called Strong Scott, and it’s located at 451 NE Taft Street, Minneapolis, MN. You’ll enter through Door 3 on Taft Street.


We have added more classes!!

We have created an expanded schedule with both NEW and MORE of your favorite classes! Existing classes will remain at the same times, but make sure to check out all our new offerings!

Here are some of our new classes to look for:

Beginner Sling, Sling Sequences, Silks Sequences, Dynamic Sling/Silks, Dance Trapeze, Partner and Ground Acro, and Virtual Flexibility!


More Open Gyms & Member Training Times!

Come practice your skills from class or work on your training! With a studio membership, you can sign up for any of the member training times or open gyms.


Member Training

Open Gyms and Acro Jams


Upcoming Partner Acro Workshops!

Join us for our upcoming partner acrobatic workshops on Halloween. Led by Katie and Dylan, who also host our Friday night Acro Jams!  Katie and Dylan met at a handstand jam in 2017 and have been acro partners ever since. Their backgrounds in contemporary dance, modern, breakdance, pole, hand balance, & parkour contribute to their style.

If you are coming with a partner, you can get a discount. No worries if you don’t have a partner, we will pair you up! Come learn some new skills or practice some old ones, either way, come to have some fun.

Intro to Partner Acro Workshop w/ Katie & Dylan
Sunday, October 31 at 4:00 pm
In this beginner workshop, we will focus on standing acro positions. You will learn how to take someone else’s weight, and what it feels like to give your weight. We will discuss how to push/pull in counterbalances and how to stack your own body weight. Wear comfortable clothing. $25/person; $40/pair

Partner Acro Workshop w/ Katie & Dylan – Intermediate
Sunday, October 31 at 4:00 pm
This intermediate workshop will focus on adagio (dance lifts). We will explore standing partner acro movements that will flow into a choreographic sequence. The workshop is not for beginners. Bring your partner or come solo, and we will pair you up. $30/person; $50/pair

Check out all the classes we have to offer and make sure to join us on Fridays for our Acro Jams to practice all the skills you learned in the workshops.

Class Schedule here!