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April AWAKEN Cohort | Vivid Conversations About Race

This experience includes about 25hrs of Professional Development in Race Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, 3 consecutive sessions + 1 follow session, your workbook and tools, and so much more confidence and clarity in how to engage this very important and impactful work.

About this Intensive Experience:

This 3 part experience, taking individuals from [A]WAKEned, to [A]WOKEned, to WORKin’, is one stepping stone in a lifelong process of curating more welcoming and supportive spaces with regards to race equity.

This series is especially curated for those in the Twin Cities Circus & Performing Arts Community, a metro with some of the worst race disparities in the country. This disparity is constantly showing up in Twin Cities performing arts spaces of both instruction and performance.

Individuals will take part in this intensive because they want opportunities to get to know black and brown people trying alternative arts more often AND they want to be a part of welcoming people of all races to come, to stay, to play, and to authentically take up space.

Vivid Black Affinity Group and Circus Jam

Vivid Black Paint will host an Affinity Group and Circus Jam for BIPOC circus artists every 4 weeks. The first 45 mins is for Affinity Group discussion around challenges, perspectives, and benefits of being BIPOC in the current circus climate. Attendees will also focus on building opportunities for curating more of a supportive and connected circus arts community in the Twin Cities. After the meeting we will dive right into the Jam where we will share skills, hang out, and take up space.

Vivid Black Circus Club (BPOC Youth ages 10-20)

This is a club opportunity for black and brown youth, ages 10-20, who are interested in exploring the world of circus arts with a wellness and career concentration. For club days, we will work on skills, learn theory, play with foundations in various areas of circus arts, and there will also be peer-to-peer mentorships, and future performance and volunteer opportunities. We will talk about health, community, self-care, self-advocacy, exploration, creativity, and of course circus arts.

Please Note

We require a minimum of three students to run a class. If the class does not meet this requirement, it will be canceled. Notifications will be sent out four hours before class time and sent via email or text message. If your class gets canceled, a class credit will be returned to your profile.

In collaboration with Vivid Black Paint, we are offering a $5/class discount for persons identifying as POC. Please contact us for the code!

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