Performance Prep

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Join us for our Spring  Showcase! We have four fun-filled shows of circus magic! Please note that there are two different show groups. If you are coming for a specific performer, please double check which show they are in below. Click here to purchase your tickets!

Friday Evening and Saturday Matinee Program
Friday Evening and Saturday Matinee: Kitson Sass – Aerial Moon, Tyler Christensen – Silks, Brandy Schmidt – Dance Trapeze, Chloe Dowd – Corde Lisse, Amanda DeGraw – Sling, Kari and Stacey – Duo Lyra, Ella Van Langeveld – Silks, Emily Swanson – Lyra, Maggie Murphy – Silks, Stephanie Winter – Dance Trapeze, Jessica Jenness – Corde Lisse (Friday Only), Elizabeth Erronis – Lyra, Katie Capistrant and Dylan Portoghese – Partner Acro (Saturday Only), Jenn Justad – Flying Pole, Alissa Kaasa – Lyra

Saturday Evening and Sunday Matinee Program
Jessi Holland – Lollipop Lyra, Olivia Crowell – Corde Lisse, Marissa Hoffarth – Silks, Thomas Leick – Silks, Sherry Walling – Dance Trapeze, Grace Whinnery – Corde Lisse, Christy Klink – Silks, Katie Fuller – Lyra, Ella Van Langeveld – Silks, Jenn Justad – Flying Pole (Sun Only), Alessandra Affinito and Nathan Sutter – Spanish Web, Katie Capistrant and Dylan Portoghese – Partner Acro (Sat Only), Alissa Kaasa – Lyra (Sun Only), Sherry Walling and Brooks Larson – Duo Frame

Want to create a new aerial piece and perform in our Fall Showcase this November? Students enrolled in Performance Prep will work with a coach to create a new solo.

Solo Prep

Spend one on one time with a coach and get feedback from fellow students. A portion of this class will focus on showing each other the progress we have made with our acts. We will invite feedback from fellow students about what they liked, and we’ll discuss how and when to give our feedback, how to phrase content that is hard to hear, and generally practice being vulnerable!  Act creation can be a vulnerable process, so buckle up! As performers, we are in the literal spotlight, so we must work to refine and polish our tricks. Smoothing out transitions and adding our personal flare is where the artistry lies! Hone in on your artistry and let your freak flag fly!

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive.” -Brené Brown


Please Note

We require a minimum of three students to run a class. If the class does not meet this requirement, it will be canceled. Notifications will be sent out four hours before class time and sent via email or text message. If your class gets canceled, a class credit will be returned to your profile.

In collaboration with Vivid Black Paint, we are offering a $5/class discount for persons identifying as POC. Please contact us for the code! 

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