“Kristen’s class was amazing! I love the vibe.”
-Yonna from Mindbody 2/5/2020

“The class was pretty cool. Kristen is really good at explaining the tricks at the student’s pace.” –Tabitha from Mindbody 1/8/2020

“I love any class from Stomping Grounds, and Lynn is awesome!” –Shannon from Mindbody 12/23/2019

“My first class was fantastic! We all got a lot of individual assistance and we learned some cool tricks right away! It was a fun and supportive environment!” -Rachel from Groupon 9/4/2019

“Awesome class & the instructor was fantastic. We already plan on going back.” –Danielle from Mindbody 8/8/2019

“I highly recommend Stomping Ground studio! We booked a class as a group and it was SO much fun! We used the tissu during our session. The studio was clean, inviting, and decorated in the perfect way. Thank you for such an awesome session!” – unknown from Facebook 7/2019

“I highly recommend Stomping Ground studio! We booked a class as a group and it was SO much fun! We used the tissu during our session. The studio was clean, inviting and decorated in the perfect way. Thank you for such an awesome session!” -Lauren Mattson from Yelp 7/2/2019

“This is a beautiful studio! The instructor was so friendly and knowledgeable! She did a fantastic job leading the class and making sure everyone was comfortable with the moves since it was our first time. This was a blast!” -Bridget from Groupon 4/3/2019

“Love it here! Kristin is an amazing coach who works with you and where you’re at in your skill level.” -unknown from Facebook 4/2019

“This place is awesome! I had my first class this evening and I would 100% recommend this place. Two thumbs up!” – unknown from Facebook 1/2019

“I love this studio. Kristen is a fantastic instructor. She can meet you at whatever level you are and always provide a fun and challenging class. I also appreciate how she focuses on technique and good form.” -unknown from Facebook 1/2019

“I recently decided to do something way out of my comfort zone and try an Arial arts class. I take group fitness classes quite often, but this was a whole new experience!  I signed up for the Friday evening Tissue 1 Class with Kristin, the owner of Stomping Ground.  She was a wonderful instructor, tailoring moves to the various levels of those of us in class. I was pleasantly surprised that I (and everyone else in class) was able to do the moves, at least to some degree. This class was not only a great workout, but a wonderful stress reliever at the end of the week. Also you definitely get some laughs at yourself in as you try things.  I would definitely recommend checking it out!” -unknown from Yelp 4/29/2018

“We booked the Stomping Ground for a Bachelorette night and it was fantastic! The instructor was super helpful, great and showing us how to do everything and just all-around wonderful experience and time! We all had a blast and would highly recommend going for anyone!!” – Anne M from Google 10/17/17

“Amazing studio. Kristen is very nice and a good teacher. She makes you feel comfortable and she never judges. The place is super cool too.” -Marine B from Google 8/2017

“Really accessible instruction that made it easy for anyone to give it a try. Kristen was super welcoming and patient. The steps were broken down one-by-one, and there was a nice succession to build onto skills. Very fun! Makes me want to try Aerial much more often.” -Unknown from ClassPass July 2017

“Wonderful instructor! She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She gave the best pointers and made sure to give everyone equal attention. I am definitely going back soon!” -Alynie W from Groupon 11/28/16

“Small class sizes, and amazing instructor! Such a great spot DT Minneapolis! I loved it, it was an amazing workout, just be prepared to be really sore the next couple of days!!!!” -Patrice from Groupon 4/21/16

“I absolutely loved my class! I had fun, learned a lot, and felt pretty darn fantastic about my workout. Definitely felt the workout the next day with the sore abs! I would totally recommend this class!” -Jasmine C from Groupon 1/27/16

“Absolutely loved this class! Kristen is very easy to follow, which helped the class move along at a nice pace. What I loved most was that, even though it was a beginner class, she still included several moves to try, which made the class interesting. I will definitely be back to the Stomping Ground Studio!” -from ClassPass 2016

“It’s a little tricky to find – so give yourself a couple extra minutes. Class size is kept small, and Kristin is an excellent coach. I’m looking forward to my next class. :)” -Monica E Groupon 2/12/15

“So much fun! Demos were clearly articulated. Kristen was an energetic and real kind instructor. Looking forward to returning real soon!” -From ClassPass 2015

“I have so much respect for people who can do this! It’s so challenging and a great alternative to the gym!” -From ClassPass 2015

“Kristen is a phenomenal instructor and is patient and supportive with all who are there. It was definitely different than anything I have ever done and I recommend people to try it. It’s a great workout, a different kind, and Kristen makes it fun and doable.” -Sue G from Groupon 9/9/14

“Instructor was very informative, helpful and encouraging as she taught us the basics of aerial fitness. A challenging core strength workout. Very cool space in downtown Mpls. Even got street parking right on the block.” Groupon

“First class experience! Knowledgeable teachers who obviously love what they do. Great way to get connected to the performing arts community in general.” – Vincent B from Google 2014