Member Training

Looking for extra training time? Become an SGS member!

What is a membership?

We are opening up memberships to advanced students and pre-professional/professional artists who have been training their apparatus for more than a year and are comfortable training without coach supervision; however, there will always be another person present during training times.

When and what can I train?

Members can sign up to train aerial or ground skills during member-exclusive training times and are welcome to come to Open Gym and Acro Jams for no additional cost. Use of rigging and our apparatuses are available for members. We allow pre-approved personal gear to be used as well.

Member training times are flexible and we will work to accommodate your schedule. Just let us know what days/times you are interested in. Please note that classes and workshops get scheduling priority.

How much is it?

The cost is $110/month or $100/month if you commit to a minimum of three months. A limited number of memberships are available.

What can I expect as a member?

Once you have purchased your membership, you will receive a coupon code to use when registering for trainings.

When you are ready to book a training time, you would start by signing yourself up for your training time – be it member exclusive training time, Open Gym, or Acro Jam. The scheduling happens in one hour increments, so if you train for two hours, you would register for two separate hours. When registering, you will have the option to reserve a single aerial point or some ground space.

You are welcome to train on our equipment or bring your pre approved apparatus. We have lyras (single and double point, taped and untaped, various sizes), fabric (stretch and non-stretch), dance trapeze, rope, slings, and rings. You have the choice to have your gear dead-hung or we will put you on one of our variable points on a rope and pulley to easily make height changes.

There will always be a person present during training times. We do not allow members to train alone.

Want to train with a friend? A friend is welcome to join your training time for $10. Please note that you would share an aerial point unless the other points aren’t already reserved.

*If you are unable to see the calendars, click here to view our calendar: Open Gym Times schedule.

Email us if you have additional questions!

Ready to apply? Here’s the link to the Membership Application.

Check out our Class Schedule here.