Location & Hours

Our New Location
451 Taft St NE #9, Minneapolis, MN 55413

You’ll now find us in the Strong Scott Building located just south of Broadway and east of Stinson in Northeast Minneapolis.

When you arrive, park in the south parking lot and enter through the SOUTH DOOR by the the NORSEMAN ENTRANCE. ​Go down the hall and we’ll be on the right (past the interior double doors)










12p – 6:30p

12p – 8:30p

1p – 8:30p

1p – 8:30p

3:30p – 8:30p

10:30a – 6:00p

11a – 2p

Studio Rules

Studio equipment may be used under the supervision of a Stomping Ground Studio coach. Rigging can only be done by a coach, so please ask a coach to make any height adjustments or to hang your apparatus.

You must be sober during class times. If we suspect that you are under the influence, you will be asked to leave.

Crash mats must always be used while on the apparatus.

Please clean crash mats, yoga mats, and any props you use after class.

Clean and put away any props you used. Please don’t leave resistance bands hanging off the scissor lift!

Personal items should be stowed in the cubbies by the door. DO NOT pile personal items in or around the scissor lift.

If you’d like to use your personal equipment for training, you must get approval prior to your open gym or class time. Please email the studio to let us know who manufactured your apparatus.

Open wounds need to be covered. We have bandaids, please ask if you need one.

Please wash your hands when you arrive.

Try to avoid wearing strong scents as others may have allergies.

If you arrive early, just hang out by the cubbies, and a coach will greet you when it’s time for your class.

To participate, everyone must sign the waiver. Please make sure that you have signed the waiver.

Remove beaded and dangly jewelry so that it does not get caught up in the equipment.

Have a question for one of Stomping Ground Studio coaches? Contact us here.