Handstands, Acro, Flexibility, & Conditioning

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Handstands – All Levels

In handstands class, we will focus on learning the correct form for a straight handstand as well as gain strength and flexibility needed for more advanced training. The progressions and drills are for beginners through advanced students. We will talk about proper alignment, hand placement, and body/mind connection while upside down. We will also explore various leg positions in handstands and periodically work in headstands.

Handstand Shapes

In Handstand Shapes, continue on the long road to greatness with leg shape explorations, press work, and side bends. The progressions and drills are for folks who have been working on their handstands and can hold a freestanding handstand for 10 seconds in any leg shape. We will talk about proper alignment, hand placement, and body/mind connection while upside down.


Flexibility Technique 

Welcome to flexibility technique with Gunnar Field! In this class we will be exploring flexibility and all of its intricacies. We will be focusing on hip and shoulder mobility splits, backbends, front bends as well as our strength through extension. Prerequisites: standing forward bend with straight legs hands on feet, and ability to push to a bridge unassisted.


Partner Acro
Partner & Ground Acro

This all levels class combines floor acrobatic movements (basic tumbling, acrobatic dance, handstands, etc) and partner acrobatics (dance lifts, body balancing) so students can begin putting together sequences.


Aerial Conditioning

A full body workout designed to increase active flexibility, strengthen and stabilize your core and increase mind body connection to keep you safe and aware in the air. This class will be ground based with occasional use of apparatus for drills. No aerial experience is necessary for this class, it is open to all levels, beginner or advanced. Modifications are provided for every drill, whether it be to make it more accessible, or increase intensity.

Please Note

We require a minimum of three students to run a class. If the class does not meet this requirement, it will be canceled. Notifications will be sent out four hours before class time and sent via email or text message. If your class gets canceled, a class credit will be returned to your profile.

In collaboration with Vivid Black Paint, we are offering a $5/class discount for persons identifying as POC. Please contact us for the code! 


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