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Mission Statement


Stomping Ground Studio is excited to share our art form which we love so dearly. We want to connect with people who are curious about how their bodies move and how to move their bodies. We aim to facilitate a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are empowered to try new things. Movement arts of all kinds are therapeutic for the mind and body. Training in this art will help you get better sleep at night, release bent up energy, and overcome mental and emotional stressors, all while having fun, getting fit, and hanging out with friends.



Kristen Shaw – Owner, Coach, Performer
Kristen (or Zyra) has been teaching and performing aerial circus for nearly a decade. Discovering her love of movement within this art form has drastically altered her life’s path. She enjoys sharing her experience and passion with audiences on-stage while also encouraging others to explore this creative form for themselves at her studio, Stomping Ground Studio, opened in 2012.
Davita Petty – Coach
Davita Grace has been performing aerial for over ten years. Davita has trained and taught at Circus Juventas and Stomping Ground Studio.
Hali Kolkind – Coach
Hali found the aerial arts three years ago with a class at Stomping Ground Studio, and hasn’t stopped flying since. With her first class she became entranced with the art form. As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, the power, beauty, and grace of the human body has always captured her passion. In the past year, she has been growing as an aerial performer and teacher.

With ten years of experience as a gymnastics coach, Hali enjoys nothing more than bringing her joy of flying to those around her and watching her students succeed. She brings an excitement and depth of knowledge to her teaching, no matter your background. Hali teaches beginner classes at Stomping Ground Studio.

Tobi Daniel – Coach
Tobi has been flipping, flopping and climbing for as long as they could walk. At a year and a half their parents kept to putting Tobi’s crib mattress on the floor because of their habit of climbing and flipping out of their crib. Now a clown, puppeteer and acrobat, Tobi spends as much time being upside down and making people smile as they can. In the land of acrobatics, hand balancing, flexibility and tumbling are their favorites. Find more info about Tobi here: Photo credit: Brave Lux
Shadowcat Sophie – Coach
Shadowcat Sophie is a Minneapolis-based aerial, burlesque and circus performer and teacher. With the lyra as her guide, she is co-founder of C&S Aerial and Circus Arts and spends as much time traveling to circus workshops as her budget will allow. She has gone through Nimble Arts Teacher Training for Lyra and Sling and is completing her RYT 200. When not in the air you can find her indulging in chai lattes or Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream. Follow her on Instagram, @ShadowcatSophie



4 Reasons to Get Yourself to CampFire

The Circus is Calling…
Every summer, the circus comes rolling into southern Minnesota. Jugglers, aerialists, and flow artists gather from around the country for CampFire – a 4-day, 3-night gathering that creates a space to share, learn, perform, and grow the community.