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This class will focus on building your confidence, endurance, and strength to get back in the air after a long break. With an emphasis on proper technique, we will review and polish tricks and build sequences. It’s perfect for students with previous experience on lyra or trapeze. Come play!

Lyra Sequences
Make shapes and link them into intricate patterns! This class will focus on how to transition in intentional ways. What’s the best hand position for moving from point ‘a’ to ‘b’? How many regrips are necessary? What’s the best direction to spin? What’s the most efficient pathway that is both simple and elegant? Explore these concepts and work with your coach to create unique pathways that work for your body. Intermediate Level – must be comfortable fully inverting off the ground without a spot.

Intermediate Lyra

Students will increase their knowledge of lyra skills, tricks, and transitions. We will be incorporating ground and on-apparatus conditioning drills to build strength and body awareness. This is not a class for beginners. Students should already have the prior experience on lyra and feel comfortable executing longer sequences in the air. 

Dance Trapeze

In this class students will progress their vocabulary of skills by exploring transitions on a single point trapeze bar. Students should have prior aerial experience on any apparatus. 

Dynamic Trapeze/Lyra  

Each week the class structure is similar – we work all the beats – hollow, pike flares, dynamic rolls and drops and building technique for those skills. We will also work spinning technique in this practice class.

Please Note

We require a minimum of three students to run a class. If the class does not meet this requirement, it will be canceled. Notifications will be sent out four hours before class time and sent via email or text message. If your class gets canceled, a class credit will be returned to your profile.

In collaboration with Vivid Black Paint, we are offering a $5/class discount for persons identifying as POC. Please contact us for the code! 

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